Ciprian Porumbescu

There is a league of extraordinary composers, died exceptionally young: Giovanni Battista Pergolesi at 26, Franz Schubert at 31, Vincenzo Bellini at 33 are the most known, not to mention Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, at 36. Ciprian Porumbescu is their Romanian fellow, living just 29 years (14 October 1853 – 6 June 1883).
Yet he left to posterity some beautiful music, some of it cherished and very popular, some of it neglected.
The most treasured in his country is the Ballad for violin and orchestra, but few people know that one of his songs (The Song of The Tricolor) became the national anthem of Albania.
Apart from his only operetta Crai Nou (New Moon), his musical output includes a lot of choral sacred music still awaiting their rediscovery.