Crai Nou / Foreword scenographer Adrian DAMIAN



It is a privilege to return to the stage of the National Opera in Bucharest, a very inspiring stage that offers multiple possibilities, especially in this context where we had the chance to work with other teams that came with all the technical and logistical support.

As a scenographer, it is a great privilege to have so much equipment and the trust of people to create an idea, to give shape to an idea. It’s a great privilege. I can’t wait to see the audience’s reaction, I can’t wait to see how the aesthetic proposal I made will be received, because it’s nothing that people would expect to see at an opera performance in general in Romania and especially at a staging of Crai Nou which – some may know, others may not, may ring in some people’s ears with connotations from other eras, but I think that music has this advantage of being a carrier of meaning and symbol and idea , beyond the eras or the dictatorships that tried to monopolize it in a certain direction.