Crai Nou // Foreword Culture Minister Lucian ROMAȘCANU


I would start with the event, because, indeed, it is quite an important event to have in the country so many officials from the field of telecommunications and beyond. There were important people from many countries, at the level of the president, at the level of the prime minister, and the fact that the Ministry of Culture is a partner of this event honors me, I am glad that it gives us the opportunity, and it gives those who visit us the opportunity to get in touch with Romanian culture.

Here we can offer our perspective on Romanian culture to the many important people present here. Related to Crai Nou, it is very important to have the opera, the operetta brought back to the people as it was written. It is a merit of the conductor Daniel Jinga, the director of the National Opera and I can only congratulate him for this and I hope we have the chance to have other works recovered.

Anyway, what is happening tonight is an extremely important meeting between an important audience, for many of them it is the first exposure to Romanian culture and music. It’s a wonderful event, I congratulate the Romanian Opera, I congratulate Daniel Jinga and I can say that we want as many such events as possible to take place in our country.”