Bucharest National Opera pays tribute to Ciprian Porumbescu, staging “New Moon”



The performance hall of the Bucharest National Opera was too big for the large number of spectators who came to see “New Moon”, composed by Ciprian Porumbescu, directed by Ioan Răzvan Dincă, under Daniel Jinga’s conductor.

The staging of the show “New Moon”, as a historical musical score, is a tribute dedicated to Romanian cultural values ​​and represents a sustainable project that the Bucharest National Opera can reschedule at any time, reminding the public that Ciprian Porumbescu’s music remains forever alive in the souls of listeners allover the world.

More than three decades after the first Romanian operetta “Baba Hârca” by A. Flectenmacher (performed in Iași, on December 26, 1848), Ciprian Porumbescu’s “New Moon” appears, based on Vasile Alecsandri’s text, whose first public performance it took place in Brașov, in 1882, at the Romanian High School, on an improvised stage, in its festive hall. The performers were amateur artists from the city. Nevertheless, the performance was one of the most important cultural events of Romanian music.

The production of the Bucharest National Opera reproduces, in a modern way, the atmosphere of our traditional culture and harmoniously combines music with choreographic elements and digital projections. The operetta play “New Moon” is based on a popular myth according to which the new moon can bring happiness to lovers.

The Bucharest National Opera is invited by the Alba Iulia City Hall to the events that will mark the 100th anniversary of the Coronation of the Kings of Romania.

169 years after the birth of the great Romanian composer, Ciprian Porumbescu, on the stage of the House of Culture of the Trade Unions in Alba Iulia, the Bucharest opera house will present the operetta “New Moon” on Saturday, October 15, at 19:00, in a semi-staged version .