Crai Nou / foreword General Manager ONB Daniel Jinga



I must confess that I have neither seen a performance of the operetta Crai Nou (New Moon) before, nor have I read the libretto or listened to the musical part in their entirety. Communism took great effort to demonetize both the composer and his music so as they should be seen by the consumer of the day as unimportant, not worthy considering.

However, one of Dochița’s arias which we recorded some time ago made me discover a daimon of author and work which place Ciprian Porumbescu among the greatest artists of the world.

Eversince, all the moments I spent on Ciprian Porumbescu’s work, in study, rehearsals, special recordings only strengthened the revelation of my first intuition even more.

To compare Ciprian Porumbescu to George Enescu is as if we tried to establish which of the two is greater in achievements: Henri Coanda or Traian Vuia.

Just like Traian Vuia, Ciprian Porumbescu did not fly beyond the Carpathians, he, however was the first Romanian composer who flew high through his creation.

I believe it has become our duty to keep him flying higher and higher, where he belongs.